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Lucy Pass is a self-taught visual artist currently living and working in Cheltenham, UK.


"I draw and paint from found photos of strangers, with particular focus on ambiguous or, at a glance, neutral expressions. The unknown subject and therefore his or her unknown emotions have become an important aspect in my work where I in turn find myself instinctively attempting to read the individual – something which gradually becomes apparent in my treatment of the work..."

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"Calling herself an ‘anti-portrait-artist’, Pass creates pictures of strangers with no knowledge of their respective interiorities; instead painting in her own visual understanding of the soul that lies beneath the face. These heads are often defaced by energetic marks, or Medusa-like: covered with coils of undulating brush-strokes; some of them show features blanked out and replaced with illustrative shapes, whereas others show fragmented features alone in a pastel-void. All of them are surreal. All of them are beautiful. The constant visual conversation is an energetic balance between absence and addition. Lack is as important as substance, in her work, allowing for you, the viewer, to ‘fill in the blanks’ of what you cannot see."

- Kate Reeve-Edwards

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