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100 paintings for the Instagram #100heads challenge, completed over 6 months during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.

This project was initially intended as a way of experimenting and developing my practice slowly, alongside my other work. In February 2020 I had ordered 100 23x23cm plywood panels, expecting to slowly work through them over the course of a year or so, but when the UK went into lockdown in March, like so many others, I was left with no plans for the foreseeable and in need of a big distraction. I decided to start painting a head daily, with the intention of selling each one under the incredible initiative set up by Matthew Burrows, the Artist Support Pledge.

The project gathered momentum and I painted my last head on September the 17th, 2020. The final head was auctioned off to raise money for Choose Love: Help Refugees.

Each piece measures 23x23cm.

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