Since leaving college in 2005, Lucy has been practicing as a freelance artist and designer, self-taught in a wide variety of skills. Her work consists of public and private art commissions, graphic design and fashion design for her own label, Little Lost Soul. Lucy is also part of The Make District, a creative collective, running events and workshops around the North.


Lucy uses the experience from these different areas of work to enhance her primary work as a freelance artist and to continue building on her personal port-folio.




My portraits give a licence to look, to stare, to see. The viewer is invited to take a curious gaze into the face of a stranger and to study the human condition; our strength and arrogance; our frailties and failures. The stillness of the images and absence of background objects enhances the viewing experience, cutting out extraneous information, allowing the viewer to see into and beyond the immediate appearance of the subject.


More recent works contrast fragile, human skin with harsh, metallic, inorganic forms. While there is calm, there is a sense of unease. Inspiration is taken from religious art and curiosities to create familiar, yet ambiguous images.

Lucy Pass